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Schedule 23/24 Spring Semester

Schedule 23/24 Fall Semester

Schedule 22/23 Spring Semester

Schedule 22/23 Fall Semester

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Below are pdfs of courses taught at BISLA, mandatory, electives, and pop-up courses.

Spring Semester 2023/2024

Theories of Political Systems and Parties Spring 24

Capstone Course: Slovakia and the Others

History of Political Thought from Plato to Marx I.

Modern Political Philosophy

The Western Balkans and Europe’s Global Neighbourhood


International Conflict and Cooperation

Modern European History

The European Union

Eros Today in Plato´s Symposium

English Grammar

Europe since the French Revolution

Journalism Democracy and Media Capture


Introduction to Sociology

Fall Semester 2023/2024

IL_Introduction to Political Science

History of Political Thought II. From Plato to Marx

Modern Ideologies

Political Geography

Selected Topics in Visual Art and Architecture – Medieval to Modern: Proseminar

Comparative Politics

Introduction to Social Science Research Methods

Introduction to Philosophy

Rómovia na Slovensku a v Európe

Social Policy

Academic Writing

Kreatívne Písanie

Bachelor Thesis Seminar

Global Clashes: 20th Century History

Introduction to International Relations

Úvod do medzinárodných vzťahov

News and information in the digital age

Current Development in the Middle East and Their Wider Geopolitical Implications

Spring Semester 22/23

IL_Core Texts

IL_Writing on Politics

IL_Who am I What am I Introduction to Gender

IL_Western Civilization II The Modern World

IL_Understanding Max Weber

IL_Theories of Political Systems and Parties

IL_Psychology of Romantic Relationships

IL_Modern Political Philosophy

IL_Modern European History

IL_Logotherapy of Viktor Frankl within the 21st

IL_International Conflict and Cooperation

IL_In Defence of Human Being

IL_HoPT- Introduction to Political Philosophy- From Plato to Marx I.

IL_Existentialism in Philosophy, Literature, and Drama

IL_European Union

IL_Europe since the French Revolution


Fall Semester 22/23

IL_Introduction to Economics

IL_Human Rights

IL_HoPT- Introduction to Political Philosophy- From Plato to Marx II.

IL_Global Transformation

IL_Contemporary Political Philosophy

IL_Comparative Politics

IL_Bachelor Thesis Seminar

IL_Academic Writing I.

IL_Western Civilization I The Ancient World

IL_Vybrané problémy dejín výtvarného a vizuálneho umenia

IL_Vedomie a realita

IL_Thucydides- History of the Peloponnesian War

IL_The Crisis of the Individual and Society in Fin-de-siecie Culture (1880-1920)

IL_Social Policy

IL_Platos Republic

IL_Plato- Apology of Socrates

IL_Introduction to Social Science Research Methods

IL_Introduction to Psychology

IL_Introduction to Political Science

IL_Introduction to Philosophy

IL_Introduction to Modern China

IL_Introduction to International Relations

IL_Introduction to Greek History and Culture- The Tragedies of Sophocles

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