Mission and Vision


Our vision is that universities provide an appropriate education to equip leaders with the abilities to succeed in a diverse world, bring long-term solutions to local and global problems and contribute to the healthy and democratic development of society, one that honours peace and sustainable human well-being.

We also believe that the true purpose of education is not simply to secure a job. Education is important in its own sake, as a conduit to a meaningful life, in order to understand world events, and to appreciate and draw energy from the diversity of arts and culture that our civilization has produced over millennia.


BISLA aspires to provide its students with an excellent education that will become the basis for their professional career, personal well-being, as well as their awareness of the moral values and ethical standards that are the precondition for becoming a responsible citizen of their community, be it local or global. BISLA follows the tradition of modern liberal arts and sciences which we believe is the best way to provide an appropriate education and teach each student the intellectual skills necessary to become a creative and critical thinking person in the 21st-century knowledge economy and to engage meaningfully in today’s culturally and politically diverse world.

BISLA endeavours to advance liberal arts education in Europe as the most efficient way for the allocation of resources into undergraduate education – the time, effort and skills of students on the one hand, and the funds and benefits offered by governments, companies and society in general on the other.


We are now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2024/2025

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