Tuition Fee

There is no application fee for submitting an online application to BISLA.

Slovak / EU citizens: Tuition for the academic year 2023/2024 is 900 EUR per semester, 1800 EUR for the academic year for the students from the European Union. This also applies to Ukrainian students.

The tuition for foreign students is €8500 (or $9000) per year or €4,250 ($4500) per semester. Students arriving from abroad are offered comfortable and safe accommodation near BISLA campus (€600 per month).

BISLA students can apply for social and merit stipends from state funds.

Besides these stipends, BISLA offers assistance from its own funds: 10 presidential scholarships are offered per academic year for excellent results and for extra-curricular contribution to BISLA community.



Bank account information

Bank name: Unicredit Bank

IBAN: SK75 1111 0000 0014 2935 7007


Constant symbol: 0558

Variable symbol: ID number


BISLA offers three types of scholarships:

The President’s Scholarship

  • Awarded by the Rector for excellent study results and/or for exceptional contribution to BISLA. Applicants for the President’s Scholarship need to submit a personal statement addressed to the Rector of BISLA via email ([email protected]).


State Scholarships

  • Motivational stipend – awarded to students whose academic results are in the top 10% of the student body
  • Social stipend – awarded to students based on the social stipend guidelines. Students applying for a social stipend must submit the required documentation.  A personal statement with an appendix of the required documents needs to be addressed and submitted to the Office of the Registrar ([email protected]).
  • Stipend from POO
    State Scholarship for Foreign Students:
    Štipendijná schéma Štipendiá pre najväčšie talenty z cudziny (POO K10 I3) pre rok 2024


We are now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2024/2025

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