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FALL 2020

The Fall Semester at BISLA started on September 7,taking all necessary precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At BISLA, we are dedicated to maintaining in-person classes as much as possible, having prepared various alternatives of education: in-class, hybrid, and online.

Fall 2020


BISLA Community: Podcasts, videos from BISLA events and prepared by the students during Spring 2020.

    News 29.9.2020

    BISLA Fall Semester started on September 7 as scheduled. We are dedicated to keep as much of the education process in-class as possible, taking all...

    Upcoming 29.5.2020

    We would like to cordially invite you to the first-ever BISLA Virtual Conference The World after the Pandemic. This conference is held in...

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    01 Veronika Fajbíková
    02 Lucia Uhrínová
    03 Tomáš Mališka

    BISLA vie poskytnúť pevný základ na druhý stupeň štúdia v zahraničí. Nenavádzam tým však na únik, naopak. Mnohí sme sa po skončení vrátili a spolu s našimi rozšírenými obzormi sa to tu snažíme zmeniť k lepšiemu.

    Veronika Fajbíková

    Remembering BISLA always makes me smile. It was the best choice I could have made for my bachelor studies.  That goes as much for gained knowledge through a very effective system of teaching and learning, as for friendships and close relations with the faculty. BISLA completely changed my view of the world, I even dare say it made me a better human being. I heartily recommend it to any high schooler currently deciding what to do with self. Sincerely, I am immensely grateful to all who take part in running this school. While at BISLA, I learned what it means to have a professor, who perceives their work as a calling, not only as a profession.


    Lucia Uhrínová

    People, personalities, approach, environment, feeling of joy at the completion of an assignment, but also having fun while doing it, intellectual challenge in various areas, classmates. All those are highlights from my studies. BISLA taught me a lot, but not only in terms of formal education. It gave me the necessary skill for rational and hopefully also right orientation in current affairs and its contexts. BISLA became a part of my identity forever. I would strongly recommend this school to anyone and the reason for this is absolutely clear to me -- BISLA has no relevant competition in its field in Slovakia, one simply cannot choose better.

    Tomáš Mališka

    Students journal IL PONTE


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