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The Spring semester at BISLA started on January 11, taking all necessary precautions due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

While we at BISLA would love to continue in-person learning, we are listening to health experts and state's regulations, starting with distance learning. Once the situation allows, we are happy to welcome our students on the campus, restoring hybrid or face-to-face lectures.

Spring 2021


BISLA Community: Podcasts and videos from BISLA events prepared by the students during Spring 2020.

    News 29.11.2020

    For an open discussion about the future, direction and values ​​of the Slovak higher education We are delighted and proud to announce a new...

    Upcoming 20.11.2020

    Stories, Histories, Memories: The 7th annual Liberal Herald Conference ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎ We understand the world and ourselves...

    Študuj kvalitne BISLA
    01 Mária Dudžáková
    02 Dániel Cséfalvay
    03 Tomáš Mališka

    BISLA is about the community. But it is much more than longlasting friendships... It is about the support system it provides you. It is about all of the opportunities which it offers you, you just need to be open to seize them and make the best of them.

    University of Amsterdam - Sociology MSc

    Mária Dudžáková

    I think what I most liked about BISLA was the support coming from our small community. People are often surprised by how many smart and talented people are part of this organisation. And this is true about the students as well as the incredible teachers. I guess being around greatness produces greatness, and BISLA stands as proof of that.

    Central European University - International Relations MA

    Dániel Cséfalvay

    People, personalities, approach, environment, feeling of joy at the completion of an assignment, but also having fun while doing it, intellectual challenge in various areas, classmates. All those are highlights from my studies. BISLA taught me a lot, but not only in terms of formal education. It gave me the necessary skill for rational and hopefully also right orientation in current affairs and its contexts. BISLA became a part of my identity forever. I would strongly recommend this school to anyone and the reason for this is absolutely clear to me -- BISLA has no relevant competition in its field in Slovakia, one simply cannot choose better.

    Tomáš Mališka