Student Council

The Student Council is extracurricular activity for BISLA students. It supports and enhance student life at BISLA. It annually organizes Orientation Week, Beania, Christmas Party, End-of-Semester Garden Party and many other events. To do that Student Council is also responsible for Student Fund, which is used to support any activity done by BISLA students. Council meets regularly to discuss and plan events, new members are admitted every semester.

Tomáš Čorej (Class of 2024)

Economic Secretary
Markus Formel (Class of 2023)


Class of 2023
Natália Fáberová

Markus Formel

Lucia Katuščáková
Lucia Kobzová
Sofia Kohútová

Class of 2024

Tomáš Čorej

Nikola Krajčíková

Adela Sadloňová

Petar Tumbov


Student Council Constitution


We are now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2024/2025

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