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Allen Kassof Center (AKC) – for History, Art, and Ethnic Conflict in Central Europe

A new center for research and conflict resolution was founded at BISLA in the Fall of 2022. Building on the tradition of the regional roundtables among students, intellectuals, historians and political leaders, which went dormant after the Central and Eastern European countries joined the European Union, the Allen Kassoff Center plans to bring together students and practitioners for sustained dialogue, thematic conferences, and eventually also provide conflict resolution and conciliation services and consulting within the broader region. The initial pilot project currently underway resurrects the Slovak-Hungarian student sustained dialogue. In the future, the activities will expand to the Balkan region and, eventually, Ukraine.

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APVV-20-0137 Philosophical Anthropology in the Context of Current Crises of Symbolical Structures

Project Description

BISLA Research team: Dagmar Kusá, PhD. and Lukáš Siegel, PhD.


Collective monography The Challenges of Autonomy and Autonomy as a Challenge. Thinking Autonomy in Challenging Times.


APVV-15-0682 Philosophical Anthropology and the Current Civilizational Situation

Final project summary

Project description

BISLA Research Team: doc Samuel Abrahám, Dagmar Kusá, PhD., James Griffith, PhD.

Key project publications:


KUSÁ, D. (ed.) Identities in Flux.

GRIFFITH, J. and KUSÁ, D. (eds.) Demos vs. Polis

Collective monography

AAA ŠAJDA, P. (ed.): Modern and Postmodern Crises of Symbolic Structures. Essays in
Philosophical Anthropology. Leiden: Brill 2021. 199 pp.

Chapter by Griffith, J., and Kusa, D. Czechoslovakia after 1989 through Arendt’s Eyes: From Pariahs to Strong Men

AAB NOVOSÁD, František. Elementy filozofickej antropológie : o znakoch, nástrojoch a
inštitúciách. Bratislava : Iris, 2020. 224 s.
AAB NOVOSÁD, František. Odkaz z Marburgu : novokantovstvo od kritiky poznania k
antropológii. Bratislava : Iris, 2017. 198 s.
Formulár ZK, strana 2/4
AAB NOVOSÁD, František. Idey na trhovisku. Bratislava : Iris, 2016. 176 s.

ADCB GRIFFITH, James.“Fantasy, Counterfantasy, and Metafantasy in Hobbes and Butler
on Vulnerability.” In Philosophy Today vol 64, 2020, No 3., pp. 617-636.
ADCB KUSÁ, Dagmar. Režim pamäti a spravodlivá spoločnosť. In Filosofický časopis 2018,
roč. 66, č. 2, s. 235-251.
ADDB GRIFFITH, James. Thinking Descartes in Conjunction, with Merleau-Ponty: The
Human Body, the Future, and Historicity, [Ľudské telo, budúcnosť a historicita]. In Filozofia,
2019, roč. 74, č. 2, s. 111 – 125.



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