The International Student Identification Card (ISIC)

1. ISIC is the electronic ID for university students, and the only student ID accepted around the world. It provides proof of enrollment at university, as well as access to all kinds of discounts and deals in Slovakia or abroad. For more info see

The electronic chip has several different functions that can be tailored for each individual university’s use. Most often it is used for entering buildings, getting books at the library, paying for lunches in the school cafeteria, and in place of tickets on public transportation systems. BISLA does not use ISIC in this way.

2. Who can get an ISIC?

The ISIC can be issued to any student over the age of 12 who meets the following criteria:

  • a full-time student registered and enrolled at a university accredited by the Slovak Ministry of Education

  • a full-time student registered and enrolled at an accredited high school or university abroad

3. Validity

ISIC is valid for one academic year, until the 30th of September of the following year. Any student who is duly enrolled and registered for study at their university can get or renew their ISIC.

For more info, see

4. Discounts

A list of discounts can be found here at here. Coupon booklets can be downloaded at

5. For more general info on ISIC, see

6. Price

The price of an ISIC differs from school to school based on what the card is used for, i.e. contactless chip, print, personalization, and other services. At BISLA, the membership fee is 10€, which is only a part of the full cost of the ISIC.

7. For more info about ISIC at BISLA, contact the registrar’s office.


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