Course Schedule and Syllabi

Schedule 22/23

Infolisty / Syllabi

Below are pdfs of courses taught at BISLA, mandatory, electives, and pop-up courses.

Fall Semester 2023/2024

IL_Comparative Politics

IL_Introduction to Social Science Research Methods

Spring Semester 22/23

IL_Core Texts

IL_Writing on Politics

IL_Who am I What am I Introduction to Gender

IL_Western Civilization II The Modern World

IL_Understanding Max Weber

IL_Theories of Political Systems and Parties

IL_Psychology of Romantic Relationships

IL_Modern Political Philosophy

IL_Modern European History

IL_Logotherapy of Viktor Frankl within the 21st

IL_International Conflict and Cooperation

IL_In Defence of Human Being

IL_HoPT- Introduction to Political Philosophy- From Plato to Marx I.

IL_Existentialism in Philosophy, Literature, and Drama

IL_European Union

IL_Europe since the French Revolution


Fall Semester 22/23

IL_Introduction to Economics

IL_Human Rights

IL_HoPT- Introduction to Political Philosophy- From Plato to Marx II.

IL_Global Transformation

IL_Contemporary Political Philosophy

IL_Comparative Politics

IL_Bachelor Thesis Seminar

IL_Academic Writing I.

IL_Western Civilization I The Ancient World

IL_Vybrané problémy dejín výtvarného a vizuálneho umenia

IL_Vedomie a realita

IL_Thucydides- History of the Peloponnesian War

IL_The Crisis of the Individual and Society in Fin-de-siecie Culture (1880-1920)

IL_Social Policy

IL_Platos Republic

IL_Plato- Apology of Socrates

IL_Introduction to Social Science Research Methods

IL_Introduction to Psychology

IL_Introduction to Political Science

IL_Introduction to Philosophy

IL_Introduction to Modern China

IL_Introduction to International Relations

IL_Introduction to Greek History and Culture- The Tragedies of Sophocles


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