Course Schedule and Syllabi

Schedule 22/23


Course Syllabi

Fall 2022

Adam Bence Balasz: Contemporary Political Thought

Adam Bence Balasz: Introduction to Political Philosophy

Clarissa Tabosa: Introduction to International Relations

Dagmar Kusá: Bachelor Thesis Seminar

Dagmar Kusá:Comparative politics

Dagmar Kusá: Social Science Research Methods

Egon Gál: Vedomie a Realita

Franišek Novosád: Introduction to Philosophy

Katalin Stewart: Western Civilization 1

Katalin Stewart: Crisis of the Individual and Society in Fin-de-siécle Culture 

Lucas Sprouse: Global Transformation

Martin Hudcovský: Intro to Economics

Samuel Abrahám: Introduction to Political Philosophy

Sylvia Tiryaki: Human Rights

Tor Lindbloom: Academic Writing

Spring 2022

Abrahám and Simmons: Advanced Political Philosophy

Balász: Political Geography

Gál: Kmeňová myseľ v 21. stor.

Kallay: Science Literacy and Science Denial

Kovačević: AI and Work in the 21st Century

Kusá: International Conflicts and Cooperation

Lindbloom: American Utopias and Dystopias

Simmons: History of Political Philosophy Late Modernity

Simmons: Intro to Political Philosophy

Sprouse: Modern European History

Stewart: A History of Women in the 19th Century

Vašečka: Ideologies and Utopias

Tiryaki: International Law

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