Alumni mentoring

A new form of the BISLA support system is our alumni mentoring program. The aim of this program is to advise you, current students, with anything relating to your college experience, future career aspirations, or even personal life.


Sometimes it may be difficult to figure out on your own what you want to do in the future, what would be the adequate minor for you, or which topic you would like to choose for your bachelor thesis. For this reason, our alumni offer you their help with finding your way. Our alumni have all ‘been there before’, plus they have experienced the possibilities and opportunities after BISLA, and therefore are the best resource when it comes to making the most of your time at BISLA.


There is a broad range of things you can learn from our mentors depending on your interests. The major areas in which alumni could help you are following:


Acquiring hard skills

Future aspirations/ professional advising

Discussing fields of interest

BISLA studies

Personal life


Since our alumni community is composed of diverse experts working in various fields, you will be assigned to a mentor based on your needs and interests. During the program you will set goals of the mentorship, and your mentor will support you and help you to achieve them. It is all up to you and your mentor on how you proceed. Frequency of the meetings depends on your and your mentor time, and your mutual agreement.


This program is on a voluntary basis, and in case you would be interested you can sign up here.

You can check the list of the mentors here.


We are now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2024/2025

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