Who are we ?

BISLA and ECOLAS: Hubs of the Liberal Arts in Europe


BISLA is an independent liberal arts college, founded in 2006, based in Bratislava and accredited in Slovakia. Also, Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (www.bisla.sk) stands in the forefront of establishing a European form of liberal arts education by initiating ECOLAS (www.ecolas.eu), which is a network of European liberal arts colleges and programs. ECOLAS is based at BISLA and registered in Slovakia as an NGO. BISLA is from the beginning supported by the Endeavor Foundation of New York.


BISLA also publishes the journal Kritika & Kontext (www.kritika.sk) that was founded in 1996 and is part of a network of European cultural journals www.eurozine.com. The Issue No62:25 (2021) is devoted to ECOLAS’s Manifesto and the crisis of Bachelor’s degrees in Europe. BISLA also publishes the journal Liberal Herald edited by BISLA’s faculty, Dagmar Kusá, PhD. 


BISLA’s primary focus is to use modern liberal arts as an educational method to provide the best quality education for its students. The liberal arts approach to education, with its open choice for students to shape and gradually choose a specialization, along with its insistence on mastering the intellectual skills of writing, oral presentation and research, develops skills needed for academia and employment in the 21st century. Also, the method of teaching in small seminars and tutorials, encouraging discussion, debate and serious study of core texts and primary sources, and mixing courses from all disciplines is the combination that provides undergraduate students the intellectual capacities needed to produce graduates who would be at the forefront of the defense of turbulent democracies within the EU and around the world. This is what students deserve.


We, at BISLA, feel privileged that, although small, we can positively influence educational developments both in Slovakia and, thanks to ECOLAS, in Europe through our activities.


Samuel Abrahám, PhD

Founder and President/rector of BISLA


We are now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2023/2024

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