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Experiences of exchange Students at BISLA

All the students that come for a semester to BISLA are warmly welcomed both by our students and professors. Students have the opportunity to experience an unconventional style of education where the emphasis is on a highly individual approach towards students. During classes you are encouraged to discuss various topics in small groups. Our exchange students appreciate that they can freely express their opinions while having the support from our professors through regular one-on-one consultations. But most importantly they are grateful for our inclusive BISLA community that our students created. Students are encouraged to take part in BISLA extra-curricular activities such as movie nights, garden parties, trips and many others.

Every year BISLA welcomes several students from various countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Russia, Czech Republic, and many others.


Eriko Nojiri

Why did you choose to study in Slovakia?

The main reason is that BISLA accepts one-semester exchange students, and most other universities and colleges only provide one-year exchange programs. Since I could not postpone my graduation for more than one semester, I appreciated it. In addition to it, it must be a unique experience in my life to study in Slovakia. Slovakia had the experience of communism and separation from the Czech Republic. By studying Slovakia, I expected to learn how Slovakia society overcame communism and mixed and unique culture influenced by neighboring countries.

Why did you choose to study at BISLA specifically?

I prefer the small size of the class because I’m likely to feel pressure to talk in classes. Thus, in BISLA, I expected to feel comfortable raising my hand and having discussions. Besides, I’m interested in philosophy, and BISLA also provides some philosophy courses which I felt interesting. Also, it would be a precious experience to share and discuss the political idea with BISLA students because I thought they would have profound and interesting opinions, especially about current citations in EU, like the war in Ukraine.

What do you like the most about studying at BISLA?

All classes carried out interesting discussions and always gave me new insights and different perspectives. Professors provide theoretical knowledge and encourage students to have their own opinions and think of the reason behind issues. BISLA students taught me not only their political thought but also the importance of caring for each other. They are always kind and inclusive, and friendly. For example, they always asked me, “Is everything OK?”, “Would you like some coffee?” and “Do you want to try this cake?”, “How about watching a movie in spizer (dining room at BISLA) together?”. I really appreciated them asking me such questions every day, and they always helped me feel relieved. These BISLA students’ altruistic behavior made me rethink my behavior before I came to BISLA. I realized I had been self-minded, concentrated on my tasks too much, and not paying attention to people around me. Since BISLA organizes calm events and also has a chill dining and kitchen for students, I could learn without feeling lonely. Such an environment refreshed my mind and kept my concentration on studying.

Daniela Szep

Why did you choose to study in Slovakia?

I decided to continue my studies in Slovakia as it is relatively close to my city, still Bratislava has many more opportunities compared to Mosonmagyarovar. Besides, I attended high school in Bratislava so I was pretty familiar with the city itself. Bratislava has everything one needs for a comfortable life and it has a good geographic position. I’m content with my decision.


BISLA focuses on the subjects that are among my interests. I was interested in Political Science from middle school so it was rather easy to choose my major. I was considering Economics as well, but when I heard of the possibility of having a minor at BISLA I decided to apply so that I could dedicate time to both areas equally. Apart from that, the fact that at BISLA, the majority of classes are taught in English, a big plus in my opinion.

What do you like about studying at BISLA?

I like the fact that the subjects are taught in English and that the classes are relatively small. With smaller classes professors can dedicate more time to each student and help them improve their skills. I also like the environment – it is very friendly and everyone is ready to help in case of need. From the academical point of view, I also like that we can choose some electives.

Petar Tumbov

Why did you choose to study in Slovakia?

Petar: My family decided to come and live in Slovakia. At the same time, I was finishing middle school and aiming to continue my education.

Why did you choose to study at BISLA specifically?

Petar:  I choose BISLA because of multiple reasons. It is teaching the topics that I have always admired, Philosophy and Political Science. One of the deciding factors was the ability to study them in English.

What do/did you like the most about studying at BISLA?

Petar: The community is by far the best thing about studying in BISLA. There is also a once in a lifetime opportunity for a networking. It is a form of studying that gives you space for self-improvement as well as important and vital information for your future studying.

Sophie Yim

“Studying at BISLA was such an eye-opening experience that subverted all the kind of “asian” education that I have received. The openminded atmosphere in class allowed us to have a great discussion with classmates and lecturers in which the topic could be even not related to the class. Morever I met passionated and knowledgeable classmates who devote themselves to their own goals and interests. Meeting great people and studying with the joy of acquiring meaningful knowledge were the best parts of having an exchange semester at BISLA.”

Dave Poon

“Studying at BISLA was a fascinating experience. All the students were very knowledgeable and passionate about liberal arts, from Socrates to Modern middle east politics. Professors not only delivered textbook knowledge but also sparked interest and encouraged critical thinking for the students. And I was constantly reminded that I could always get support from my peers, both academically and personally. After the 4-months journey in BISLA, I took home knowledge and heart-warming memories that I still treasure today.”


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