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University studies can decide the direction your life will take. Decide well!
We are the only university that will help you to discover what you excel at. Gain knowledge in political science, international relations, philosophy, arts, sociology and put them to use in later employment or graduate studies worldwide.



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until August 31, 2024 (Academic year 2024/2025)


BISLA offers accommodation for students in Hotel Astra (comfortable double rooms – 300€ per person/month); there is also a possibility to have breakfast and dinner at the hotel for an affordable price. Hotel Astra is located 20 minutes by walk from BISLA or 7 minutes by public transportation. For more information, see Hotel Astra’s website.
If you are interested, don´t hesitate to contact us through email: [email protected]


Our three years Bachelor program is designed to give our student a broad overview and skills that they can use in a fulfilling job or in further studies in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

Find out what interests youIndividual ApproachSemester abroad
At BISLA, you will gain general overview in the fields of philosophy and social sciences. After a few semesters, you can decide, what you wish to pursue.Discussions and personal approach instead of lectures. Each student has their own academic advisor, access to peer mentor or learning tutor.Hong Kong, the Netherlands, St. Petersburg, USA, Japan, India, Ivory Coast
LocationContinue to MA studiesLow tuition fee
Historical center of Bratislava, pleasant garden, modern equipment, kitchen, and reading room.Our alumni are very successful: continue on to graduate studies at top universities worldwide or find a good and meaningful jobn after your undergraduate studies.Thanks to our supporters, our tuition fee is only 900€ per semester. There are several opportutities to qualify for scholarships and stipends.

What will you gain?

You are not a number: we are here for the students!

Soft Skills

Soft skills for 21st century: critical thinking, argumentation, creativity, logical reasoning, multiperspectivity, independent research.

Discover what you excel in

Thanks to discussions on ethical and philosophical questions, you will get to know yourself and BISLA will help you determine what i tis that you would like to do with your life after school.

English language skills

All subjects at BISLA are taught in English. You don’t have to have advanced command of English language to be admitted. The first year of studies at BISLA will help you improve your academic English significantly.


Quality university is defined by excellent teachers.
Our professors and their alma maters:

Admission interview

Admission interviews take place over Skype.
If you would like to know more, call +421 2 59 234 201,
or email [email protected]

Are you interested in serious education yet you are still not sure what specific field you want to study? Liberal Arts is then for you: we don’t care for encyclopedic knowledge or boring memorizing; we study in English, care about self-development and soft skills that prepare you for graduate studies anywhere in the world or to find a good job. Soft skills and broad knowledge is the path to succeed in the 21th Century!