BISLA Supports Ukrainian Students

Why is it worth supporting BISLA?

BISLA offers different forms of support for its students. For instance, BISLA provides different Rector´s stipends to support students in their academic success, extra-curricular activities, or other activities related to the university.

Currently, BISLA also expands its horizons to welcome students from Ukraine and support their needs to get the best possible education. We already have two students from Ukraine enrolled in our first year, and we are trying to help more students from Ukraine. Our students/teachers also went to help at the Ukrainian borders during the first months of the invasion. We are continuously supporting our students from Ukraine. For instance, BISLA offered our current Ukrainian students courses in Slovak and English language. Helps with accommodation and provides different forms of financial aid for the students. In the foreseeable future, we plan to expand our partnerships with Ukrainian universities offering similar study programs to BISLA to provide more opportunities for students that want to study abroad.

What are we asking for?

We are asking for financial donations, either small, monthly donations or one-time larger donations. In both cases, the donation can be made by direct deposit into the BISLA´s bank account (i.e. bank transfer).

Bank Account Information

Bank Account Information
Bratislavská medzinárodná škola liberálnych štúdií, n.o.
Grösslingová 53
811 09 Bratislava
Account no.: 1429357058/1111
IBAN: SK56 1111 0000 0014 2935 7058

BISLA Students in Action

Samuel Abrahám (Rector of BISLA) on Ukraine