Evaluation and Monitoring

BISLA adheres to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. In all our documents, we provide as much data as possible. Our study program focuses on quality education, rich and meaningful student activities and practical experiences via internships.

BISLA collects various data through questionnaires, internships, student evaluation of courses, teacher evaluation and others. We evaluate data every semester, create statistics based on these, and discuss the results with all the essential departments within BISLA.

Currently, BISLA is working on a new evaluation method through BISLA Learning Grid and BISLA Course Matrix. Both documents help us evaluate the courses and the quality of the courses to provide the best education for our students continuously.

Study Program and Course Evaluation –

data collection and evaluation:

BISLA Learning Grid

BISLA Course Matrix

Ideal Study Program Plan

Student Evaluations (reports)

Student Evaluation 2017 – 2022 PDF

Hodnotenie kurzov študentmi (kvantitatívne ukazovatele) za letný semester 2022/2023

Hodnotenie kurzov študentmi (kvantitatívne ukazovatele) za zimný semester 2022/2023 

 Evaluations by Instructors (reports)

BISLA teachers’ general survey about grading and assignments Spring 2023

End-semester evaluation of courses by instructors Spring 2023

Evaluation of Internal System of Quality Assurance


Evaluation of Study Program and Courses

Hodnotenie študijných predmetov za letný semester 2022 / 2023

Hodnotenie študijných predmetov za zimný semester 2022_2023

Examples of questionnaires/feedback:

BISLA uses various questionnaires to gather data to measure, evaluate and improve the quality of the study program. You can find many examples of forms BISLA uses for this purpose.

Midterm evaluation form

Student mid-semester feedback

BISLA Thesis Consultation Record

BISLA Instructor End-term Evaluation

Internship questionnaire – Intern

Internship questionnaire – Tutor/Organization

Alumni Questionnaire

BISLA Alumni Mentors

BISLA also has a Teaching and Learning Center that focuses on improving the quality of the study program, the qualification and skills of our teachers, overall academic quality of the BISLA.


Writing Lab Tutor Session Report

For more, see the section on TLC:


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