Bratislavská medzinárodná škola liberálnych štúdií, n. o. (BISLA) realizuje dopytovo – orientovaný projekt Rozvoj vnútorného systému Teaching and Learning centra BISLA, kód ITMS 312011BPI2. „Tento projekt sa realizuje vďaka podpore z Európskeho sociálneho fondu a Európskeho fondu regionálneho rozvoja v rámci Operačného programu Ľudské zdroje.“


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Our rector Samuel Abrahám was invited to the Startitup discussion club to discuss Slovak politics and upcoming elections…



We are excited to announce that we are hosting a special reunion BBQ event, and we warmly invite you to join us on June 17 from 2 PM onwards in the beautiful BISLA garden.

Mária Dudžáková

Mária Dudžáková

University of Amsterdam - Sociology MSc

„BISLA is about the community. But it is much more than longlasting friendships… It is about the support system it provides you. It is about all of the opportunities which it offers you, you just need to be open to seize them and make the best of them.

Dániel Cséfalvay

Dániel Cséfalvay

Central European University - International Relations MA

„I think what I most liked about BISLA was the support coming from our small community. People are often surprised by how many smart and talented people are part of this organisation. And this is true about the students as well as the incredible teachers. I guess being around greatness produces greatness, and BISLA stands as proof of that.

Pavlina Jones

Pavlina Jones

Tilburg University - Philosophy of Contemporary Challenges, MPhil

Studying liberal arts in Slovakia as a student from America fulfilled me with wondrous experiences and versatile understanding at a more than reasonable cost. Thanks to BISLA, I am prepared to confidently take on the world with an open but critical mindset.