Co-Curricular Learning: Societies

21st Century Skills

Readiness for life (and beyond)

Il Ponte

The BISLA student journal

Music Production Society

Exploring and making music

Public Speaking Society

Self-confidence and sound arguments

Renovation and Design

Making BISLA a functional and pleasant place for students

We Will Rock You

Rock climbing. Pure and simple.

Students for Humanity

BISLA students bring awareness and developing communities around the globe

Philosophy Society

"For all complex questions, there are simple answers. And they are wrong."

Film Society

Tell me what you watch and I will tell you who you are.

All BISLA students are encouraged to participate in the co-curricular learning opportunities at BISLA. We know that academics are only one part of your life and BISLA values community and civic engagement, as well as activities that facilitate the growth and the development of the whole person, so each semester students create their own societies or clubs in an approved area (see below).  Co-curricular leaders receive 2 credits,

Spring 2019

  1. Health and Wellness: We Will Rock You (rock climbing)
  2. Arts: Improv Theatre
  3. Intellectual Enrichment: Philosophy Society
  4. Intellectual Enrichment: Il Ponte Journal

BISLA’s student led journal Il Ponte (founded in 2015) fits into several categories.

Approved areas:

Health and Wellness:  Encouraging student well-being, both physically and psychologically primarily through physical fitness activities

Art Appreciation: Facilitating opportunities for students to not only enjoy and analyze various forms of visual and performing art, but also to make it themselves

Global and Cultural Awareness:  Providing opportunities for a deeper awareness and understanding of, as well as a connection with, those from different cultures, belief systems and values, backgrounds, and socioeconomic situations in order to foster in students the concept of world-citizenship and responsibility for others

Leadership and Service: Facilitating opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to be responsible leaders in a civil society

Intellectual Enrichment: Providing opportunities for students to engage in activities outside of coursework that develops their intellectual growth and the skills needed to be an engaged member of society