Iveta Radičová at MEDays Forum in Tangier, Morocco


Iveta Radičová at MEDays International Forum in Tangier, Morocco under the theme « From Defiance to Challenges: the Era of Major Upheavals »...

James Griffith at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium


James Griffith gave a paper, titled "Descartes' Choral Ode: On Rhetoric and Logic,"

Linda M. Steyne at SKA 2017 UKF Nitra


Dr Steyne, in her capacity as Chair of the Slovak Chamber of English Teachers, hosted the 3rd Annual English Language Teaching Conference

James Griffith at the University of Winchester


(1) James Griffith gave a paper, titled "Contrecoeur, contretemps: The Discourse on Method" at the European Liberal Education: Renewal and ...

Dagmar Kusá at the University of Oxford


Dagmar Kusá presented her research on generational narratives of reconciliation in the post-apartheid South Africa at the annual conference of the...