Frequently asked questions

What is the weather like in Bratislava in February?

February is still wintertime here. It does get cold, with temperatures around freezing point. It is best to pack comfortable warm clothes, fit for spending a few hours in the cold.

Will I need dressy clothes?

For the most part, no. Dress comfortably, casually, and warm.

We will go to the theatre and symphony orchestra a few times, but you do not need super fancy clothes for that. Jeans are generally not worn into the theatre here, but you do not need a suit or an elegant dress. Anything slightly better than jeans will do.

Is Bratislava safe?

Yes and no. Bratislava belongs among the safest cities in Europe when it comes to violent crime. So it feels very safe to walk around and enjoy the city life. However, if you do venture out in the late evening, it is better to enjoy the town together with the Slovak students to show you around.

HOWEVER, be mindful of pickpockets and petty theft.  DO NOT bring with you expensive items or large amount of cash and leave them in the room while you are out.  It is easy to withdraw money out of any ATM machine and you can pay with a card in most places.