Stories, Histories, Memories: The 7th annual Liberal Herald Conference



We understand the world and ourselves through stories. We tell stories about who we are, as individuals, families, communities. These stories tell where we come from, what our purpose is, who are our enemies, what we believe in, and why. Stories create nations, elevate leaders, or make them fall. Stories of the past, in particular, are closely intertwined with our identities and politics. Yet these stories often conflict, with those others tell themselves and between themselves in a single person or culture. What do we understand, then, when we understand ourselves and the world through conflicting stories? Do we understand stories as conflicting or ourselves as in conflict? What stories do we choose to believe in and why these over others?

The Liberal Herald is an interdisciplinary academic platform founded in late 2012 by a group of undergraduate students at the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA). It was born of the necessity to establish a stable intellectual forum for aspiring scholars from Central Europe and beyond. Since its inauguration, The Liberal Herald has emerged to provide both students and accomplished academics a chance to discuss pressing issues in politics, philosophy, sociology, and the arts.

The Herald’s activities have thus far consisted in a) organising an annual conference / symposium where students and scholars present essays on matters of topical interest and engage in intergenerational discourse, b) publishing the presented works in the annual volume of The Liberal Herald and c) promoting international academic events and competitions.

All the necessary information can be found in the Facebook event here: