Skills for Life


Beyond the classroom

During their studies, every BISLA student undergoes an internship in a challenging position in the media, a public institution or with an NGO. Students are active in organizing various activities such as theatre, film and sports clubs, debating societies, the student journal, and more. Every student is encouraged to spend a semester abroad at our partner universities in Europe, the USA and Asia.

BIG SIX college experiences important for preparedness for life after graduation

The full college experience consists of much more than what goes on in the classroom itself. Experiences of interaction with classmates, professors, access to a mentor, taking part in extracurricular activities, internships, working on long-term research projects — all of those prove very important for preparedness for life after graduation.

Students who have these experiences during their undergraduate studies are more successful in finding a meaningful engaging employment, are able to finish their studies on time, and find more joy and satisfaction in life later on (Click to learn more about the original Gallup-Purdue Index survey).


BISLA’s small size, focus on interactive and personal environment, and systematic development of a BISLA community through a wide range of activities produce impressive results on alumni’s perceptions of these six experiences, compared with the results of the original survey in the United States.

BISLA alumni report having close and meaningful relationship with their professors, engage in activities outside of classroom, intern, volunteer, engage in long-term research in high proportions.

45% of BISLA graduates report having all six of the important college experiences during their studies in comparison with only 3% of the original American sample.

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