Prof. PhDr. František Novosád, CSc.

Prof. PhDr. František Novosád, CSc., studied Philosophy and Political Economy at Comenius University Bratislava After graduation he lectured history of philosophy on Department of Philosophy of Comenius University Bratislava. PhD thesis (Neo- Kantian Theory of Knowledge) defended in 1980. Currently he serves as research fellow of Institute of Philosophy of Slovak Academy of Sciences. His research areas are social and political philosophy, history of philosophy, philosophical anthropology. He was editor in chief of Journal Filozofia (1990-2006). Since 2010 he is associated with Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA), first Liberal Arts College in Slovakia.

Relevant publications:

1. NOVOSÁD, František. Elementy filozofickej antropológie, O znakoch, nástrojoch a inštitúciách, (Elements of philosophical anthropology, About signs, tools and institutions) Iris, 2020. 2021 s. ISBN 978-80-8200-057-6

2. Zabudnúť na Marxa. (Forget Marx) Bratislava : Iris, 2018. 207 s.
ISBN 978-80-8200-020-0.

3. NOVOSÁD, František. Odkaz z Marburgu : novokantovstvo od kritiky poznania k antropológii. (Message form Marburg, Neokantianism from critique of knowledge to anthropology) Bratislava : Iris, 2017. 198 s. ISBN 978-80-8200-008-8.

4. NOVOSÁD, František. Osud a voľba : Max Weber o modernej spoločnosti. (Fate and Choice, Max Weber about modern society) Bratislava : Iris, 2016. 188 s. ISBN 978-80-8153-067-8.

5. NOVOSÁD, František. V zrkadle kultúry.(In the Mirror of the Culture) Bratislava : Iris, 2016. 160 s. ISBN 978-80-8153-055-5


1. APVV (The Slovak Research and Development Agency): Filozofická antropológia a súčasná civilizačná situácia / Philosophical Anthropology and the Contemporary Civilizational Situation, 2016-2020, project member

2. VEGA: Fenomén kultúry vo filozofickej reflexii / Phenomenon of Culture in Philosophical Reflection, 2016-2019, project leader

3. VEGA: Hodnoty a normy vo vzťahu k problému legitimity / Values and Norms in Relation to the Problem of Legitimacy, 2006-2008, project leader

4. VEGA: Nové podoby poriadku v spoločnosti / New Forms of Order in Society, 2012-2015, project leader