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Philosophy Society concerns itself, shockingly, with philosophy. The point of the group is not to be only a study group organized by students, but also a way of expressing ideas and concepts which we normally do not tend to talk about. The pandemic hit the society hard, because the main appeal of the society for the members at least is being physically present while discussing the topics. However, the society does still exist online, and we mean to meet in person as soon as possible. If you are interested in philosophy, even without having any knowledge about the subject, this society is for you. The only criterium is thinking.

The topics included for the society for this semester includes:

  1. Should we imagine Sisyphus happy?
  2. Horace Miner
  3. Nature vs. nurture
  4. Religious scientists
  5. Luhmann – system theory binary
  6. New atheism – Dennett
  7. The concept of tolerance (Voltaire, Locke, Kant)
  8. Kierkegaard – fear and trembling
  9. Schopenhauer – the hypocrisy of Buddhism (also Heidegger)
  10. Aristotle and Plato – slavery
  11. Determinism (scientific, religious etc.)
  12. Stoicism 
  13. Logic
  14. Identity
  15. AI – modern problems
  16. Hegel’s concept of recognition
  17. Plato and myth
  18. Lucretius
  19. Sartre no exit – play
  20. Machiavelli – play
  21. Dead Man – the film


We are now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2022/2023

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