Human Rights Olympics




BISLA is a proud long-term partner of the Human Rights Olympics. This week, our professors and students participated in the 24th year of the national round. 

During the first day, faculty members Dagmar Kusá and Sylvia Tiryaki sat on the juries. Students Tomáš Čorej and Tomáš Štrba, both Alumni of the HRO, helped with the organizational side of the event. On the second day, Dagmar Kusá, joined by our two students sitting on the Alumni advisory jury, sat on the final jury. 

Among other things, BISLA evaluated 64 high school essays from HRO and awarded valuable prizes.

We are glad that BISLA lives by what it teaches – a sensitive but at the same time action-oriented approach to human rights in Slovakia and all over the world, where our graduates and professors present their alma mater.