Learning Lab

The BISLA Learning Lab is located on the 3rd floor of the Blue Building.  Learning Lab peer tutors are BISLA students who have proven themselves good writers, understanding course content, and helpful peers, and are supervised in their work by a faculty member.

Tutors offers guidance and tutoring for all papers from any course, from Academic Writing to EU Policy (including guidance on literature reviews, research/term papers, reports, documentation, and bibliography/reference citations). Weekly assignments, however, may be brought in only twice a semester (and that before Reading Week), for the purpose of grammar and style.

Some tutors are also available to help those taking Critical Thinking course.

Hours for Spring 2018: Subject to Peer Tutor’s schedule (see possibilities here: https://goo.gl/b3Km92)

Peer Tutors 2017-2018 School Year


Rosina Danilova 

Veronika Novotna 

Jonathan Pavelka

Arnold Remenar

Paula Svatonova

Critical Thinking 

Ludmila Perunska

Veronika Novotna

Kat Rozarova

Supervisor: Linda M. Steyne, PhD (steyne@bisla.sk)

Learning Lab Policies

Students requesting help from Peer Tutors are asked to read and agree to the following policies:

  1. Peer tutoring sessions are 30 minutes for one paper.

  2. Students are welcome to drop in to the Lab whenever a tutor has ‘office hours’ (availability here: https://goo.gl/b3Km92).

  3. A student who signs up with a specific tutor (availability here: https://goo.gl/b3Km92) ahead of time will be helped first. A student agrees with the tutor in advance by email and send the paper they wish to work on as an attachment.

  4. A student may make no more than one appointment per day and three appointments per week.

  5. The student must bring two copies of his/ her draft to the session; one copy will be retained by the Learning Center as a record of the student's visit and for training purposes.

  6. The student will come prepared with a writing utensil and assignment sheet (if necessary). They will also be ready with the questions they have about their assignment.

  7. Sessions will last no more than 30 minutes; during that time, the student and the tutor will focus on one area of the writing process or problem equation at a time.

  8. Tutors cannot evaluate or assign a grade to a student's paper. Only faculty and teaching assistants can evaluate student writing and/or assignment.

  9. The student is responsible for his or her paper and all decisions made during the session. The student must be an active participant in determining the shape and nature of the session.

  10. Tutors cannot write, edit, or proofread papers for students. They will not correct grammar or provide alternative vocabulary. Tutors may use, or refer students to, educational software available online to help a student with grammar and/or vocabulary.

  11. Tutors will prioritize their feedback as follows:

High Priority


Low Priority

Does it answer the question?





Word Choice





Transitions (linking)



  1. The Learning Lab tutors will only help students working on their own original work. If someone is discovered to have brought plagiarized work to a tutor, that student may no longer request help from the Lab.

  2. Grading policies, grades, and/or instructors will not be discussed.

  3. Because tutoring sessions are confidential, tutors will not discuss students’ work with any third party other than the Learning Lab supervisor and the Critical Thinking instructor.