Student Journal IL PONTE

Il Ponte – Printed Issue #4


Discover some recent and thought-provoking articles on a wide range of topics in the printed issue of Il Ponte.

Table of Content

Beyond Intractability: Anti-democratic Resistance 

A Slovak Investigative Reporter's Perspective:
Ján Kuciak wasn't just a colleague — he was a good person. 
One who couldn't be bought or scared off 

No Longer Sleeping
A Student's Perspective: Values Revealed 

The View of an Organizer of the Slovak Student 
Initiative #niejenamtojedno: It Matters 

Slovak National Anthem 

Students' Protests Against Guns

Corruption de Espaňa

The View From BISLA

A Philosopher's Take: Respect or not to respect?
That is the question 

Call For Submissions

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