Student Journal IL PONTE



“That does not mean that existence has no purpose. On the contrary. As death creeps
closer, the value of life increases. You must learn to say "Yes," Josef. But say "yes" to every
minute of life. Be passionate. Be a free thinking spirit. Rise above your limitations. Be the
(exert from the movie When Nietzsche Wept)
I believe that the strong ideas as much as the brave actions, have the potential to change
the world only if they are also able to evoke strong emotions. Either they are capable of
making us burst into tears or to laugh and experience this weird state of euphoria when you
get the feeling that the whole world lies right in front of you and its endless diversity
suddenly becomes an exciting adventure yet to be discovered. For me, Nietzsche is exactly
like this. He makes me laugh and cry at the same time. I consider him to be the most
admirable and the most hated philosopher of all time. I am aware of the huge criticism
being constantly described to his name, even some opinions that don’t agree with him
being called a philosopher, however I have never came to truly understand those people
and I think that if you are able to accept his poetical language and the fact that you are
going to be constantly unsure about what he is trying to say, he will just talk from your
heart. Poetry is not easy, but neither is life and that is why I believe that if you read
Nietzsche you read the life itself. Maybe not easy and apparently difficult with the taste of
tragedy being constantly played somewhere in the background, but do not forget- it is only
appearance. The real Nietzsche is a comedy. He tricks you and makes you feel that
everything is lost. And at the end, when the hope is almost gone, there he is, laughing and
coming down to people, showing us that it is only a comedy and the only way how to carry
on with this apparent heaviness on our backs is to realize that at the end, it is all in our
May the will to power be with you.

Editorial, Barbara Kelemen