Student Journal IL PONTE



Irvin Yalom once said: "If we climb high enough, we will reach a height from which tragedy ceases to look
tragic.” Some of you will understand this in more poetical sense, describing an individual who did rise above nihilism
or lived through the tragedy in his life. However, from the more skeptical perspective of traditional Slovak voter, this
statement perfectly describes what happens when you climb high enough on the political ladder in Slovak politics-
suddenly, all the tragedies, strikes, poor condition of Slovak health care system- cease to look tragic. Just a cynical
mockery? I would not say so. However, there is still some hope, if we mobilize ourselves and we wont ignore our
civic right to go and manifest our belief in civil society of 21st century, even though it might look like an endless
struggle. Maybe. Nonetheless, Il Ponte supports all the teachers and professors in their fight for appropriate working
conditions and encourages everyone to manifest their opinion and participate on the elections 2016, since we
should always fight for our ideals...