Student Council

The Student Council is extracurricular activity for BISLA students. It supports and enhance student life at BISLA. It annually organizes Orientation Week, Beania, Christmas Party, End-of-Semester Garden Party and many other events. To do that Student Council is also responsible for Student Fund, which is used to support any activity done by BISLA students. Council meets regularly to discuss and plan events, new members are admitted every semester.


Mária Dudžáková (Class of 2020)

Simona Krasničanová (Class of 2021)


Marina Avram

Matej Bílik (Class of 2020)

Patrícia Beličková (Class of 2022)

Pavlina Jones (Class of 2020)

Viktória Križanová (Class of 2022)

Terézia Dominika Lukáčová (Class of 2022)

Michaela Marcinová (Class of 2022)

Ivona Mičeková (Class of 2020)

Georgios Merkouris (Class of 2020)

Annamária Pšenková (Class of 2022)

Michal Sagula (Class of 2020)

Tomáš Štrba (Class of 2022)

Alexandra Telepčáková (Class of 2020)

Lucia Trubenová (Class of 2020)

Hanna Vasilenko (Class of 2022)