Peer Mentors

The life and study at BISLA can be challenging at times, transition into university life and acting at least at times as adult that requires also other help. That is why we want to help upcoming first years to overcome those challenges we also had to face. The program aims to contribute to build a culture of care and togetherness.

The program is in its pilot phase and it will run only for a semester to test it. During orientation week will every student be assigned with a fellow student from second and third year, to be their mentor.

Mentor is a person who provides guidance. Mentee is a person who seeks guidance. Therefore, the goal of the program is to provide guidance to those who seek it in a structured and helpful manner.

The program is purely voluntary, however once you willingly become a mentor/mentee, you are expected to follow the guidelines and the steps with responsibility.

Mentee and mentor will then meet at least twice a month; every first Monday of the month during lunch (group session) and some other time they will arrange (individual session). Throughout the semester mentor and mentee will discusse some topics related to transition, but also topics at hand that feel important to mentee or mentor.