Tuition Fees and Costs of Living

Tuition fee for EU citizens: 900 EUR per semester (1800 per academic year)

Tuition fee for non-EU citizens: 4,000 EUR per semester (8000 per academic year)

Deposit payable upon the approval of application: 500 EUR

If you are an ERASMUS exchange student or a student from another partner institution with whom BISLA has a student exchange program agreement, your tuition fee will be waived. Your stay will be regulated by the student exchange agreement between BISLA and your university.

Costs of living: apartment rental or sublet- around 400 EUR/month

Other living expenses: BISLA provides most of the reading materials for students, and students can also do the majority of their printing at the schools premises. Living expenses for food and pocket money could be estimated at around 300 EUR a month, depending on lifestyle.