Upcoming Events

Freshmen orientation (Sep. 4-9, 2017)


Just like last year, our incoming first-year students will get the whole scoop on studying and life at BISLA. Registration is on Monday at 1pm. Later, after the English Skills test, there’s an All-BISLA Garden Party (beginning @ 4.30pm) put on by the Student Council.

On Thursday, Sept. 7, we head to Modra-Harmonia for our All-BISLA retreat and team-building weekend.

See you then!

For more info, please contact Dr. Steyne (steyne@bisla.sk).

Modra-Harmonia All-BISLA Retreat (Sept. 7-9, 2019)

Once again, our incoming students will be heading to Modra at the end of Orientation Week and ALL CURRENT and ALUMNI ARE INVITED!

If you’d like to come, please sign up here so we can book you a room. https://goo.gl/forms/A5hbj0Kowe7fQ5MC3
When: September 7th-9th, 2017
Where: http://www.penzionharmonia.com/en/
How: there will be a bus there on Thursday and back on Saturday but we’re not sure if there will be extra seats for alumni
For more info, please contact Dr. Steyne (steyne@bisla.sk).