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Professor Andrew Katz-When Democracies Choose War?


Professor Andrew Katz-When Democracies Choose War?

Under the auspices of Professor Iveta Radičová and Samuel Abrahám,

BIH & BISLA is pleased to invite you
for a public lecture
by Professor Andrew Katz from Denison University (USA): 


When Democracies Choose War: Politics, Public Opinion, and the Marketplace of Ideas 

About the lecture:
Why do some democratic wars of choice generate political opposition while others do not? Is there an internal mechanism that constrains democracies when it comes to war? There is evidence that leaders of democracies cannot successfully engage in war based on their assessments of national security requirements alone. Rather, democratic leaders must frame their case for war in terms that reflect liberal norms and state identity. In exploring five cases of democratic wars of choice, the response of elite and public opinion to this justification in the marketplace of ideas is found to be crucial to the prosecution of the war, and provides insight into the sources of the democratic reluctance to war on fellow democracies.

Read the article here:

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This lecture was supported by the Slovak Research and Development Agency under the contract No. APVV-15-0682