We Will Rock You

We will rock you is simply about Rock climbing. It is about improvement. Although a simple concept, the acquisition and refining of this skill is very complex and gradual. Rock Climbing requires strenuous physical effort and needs to be complemented with a mind of steel. Of course when starting out, not your muscles and probably not your mind are made of steel, they never will be. However, through rock climbing you can get as close as humanly possible. All the while enjoying good company, hanging out, hanging on the wall and overall being in a very calm state of mind. Try climbing angrily or hastily and your way down will begin sooner than anticipated. Rock climbing promotes balance, mental as well as physical. This society will try to create a stimulating environment where one can learn and improve in the art of scaling seemingly impassable obstacles. There will be no lectures or meditations on inner peace, It is only you and the rock.