Philosophy Society

In a media saturated age, with a wealth of information at our disposal, one can easily lose focus. Thankfully, philosophy provides a guide to navigate through almost every conceivable issue. Members of our society engage in rigorous debate, trying to ascertain the meaning behind some of the most important philosophical texts ever written. The texts themselves are chosen by the students to cater to their interests. These can range from metaphysics to semiotics and the information gained can later be used, not only to understand how the world operates, but to gain a better appreciation for literature, cinema, architecture, etc. Guest lecturers and academics are often invited to give a talk on a topic of the students’ choosing. For all lovers of knowledge (and sarcasm), who like to spend casual afternoons discussing essential topics, the philosophy society is not one to miss.


Marek Dubovský (Class of 2021)

Pavlina Jones (Class of 2020)

Jonas Jánsky (Class of 2020)

Georgios Merkouris (Class of 2020)

Michal Micovčín (Class of 2021)

Dominik Novosád (Class of 2019)

Michal Sagula (Class of 2020)