Music Production Society

The language of music knows no barriers, because it speaks to the soul. Perhaps, you are having hard time deciding which university you should attend? BISLA’s brand new music production club might make the choice easier for you. Were you ever wondering how contemporary artists from genres such as Trap, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, RnB or EDM create music? Well, now you have the unique opportunity to uncover this mystery. All you need is a computer, headphones & dedication. The Music Production Club is led by two young producers: JL Beats, who has worked with a many major American and Slovak hip-hop artist; and Kinestatic, an electronic music producer & DJ, who among other things is successfully running his own independent record label, CrimeZone. Additionally, Slovakia's top DJs & producers will be giving one of a find guest-lectures at BISLA, thereby offering a unique & never before seen experience for all those who attend.