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    Il Ponte was founded in 2015 by a few enthusiastic students of the Class of 2017 at Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA) in Bratislava, Slovakia. Since then, eight digital and four print issues have been published and distributed to local cafes and the home institutions of contributing authors in various countries.

    Il Ponte seeks to be a unique platform for students, no matter where they are studying or where they come from, to share and bridge cultural divides in creative formats. These might be written, spoken, painted, or shot (as in photography) but as long as it’s uploadable, visual, within the limits of the law, and creates bridges between people and cultures, Il Ponte is interested in publishing it.


Archive of back issues:


Editorial Staff

Editors-in-Chief: Peter Sterančák (Class of 2021)

Story Editors (in alphabetical order):
Daniel Cséfalvay (Class of 2020)
Jonáš Jánsky (Class of 2020)
Georgios Merkouris (Class of 2020)
Michal Micovčin (Class of 2021)
Laura Palenčíková Class of 2019)
Arnold Remenár (Class of 2019)
Vivien Slíž (Class of 2021)
Peter Sterančák (Class of 2021)
Miloslav Valko (Class of 2020)

Facebook Page: Il Ponte- Slovak Student Journal

Instagram: @ilpontemagazine

Design Director

Michaela Chmeličková

Call for Submissions (for the Fall 2018 issue)

Do you have something to share with the wider BISLA community or even the world? Il Ponte is a university student-led and -edited online journal and periodical that might just be the platform for that article you’ve been meaning to write, that short story you’ve got saved on your hard drive, or even that video, photo, or piece of artwork you’d like the world to see.

The Il Ponte Editorial Staff invites all students, alumni, teachers, and all interested individuals to send their submissions (1500 word limit) as an MS Word attachment (or Google doc) to Please be sure to include ‘submission’ in the subject line together with your last name.

Please keep the following in mind:

  1. Keep it clutter-free (if in doubt, check Orwell's six rules for writing).
  2. Use your own voice, have your own unique style, and be authentic.
  3. Be creative.Be concise - 1500 words or less.
  4. Fact check.
  5. English only.
  6. Deadline for the Fall 2018 issue: 15 September 2018

Email address:

Il Ponte is a publication of the students of the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts. Its online publication is updated regularly while its printed form is published quarterly and distributed to Bratislava cafes and partner institutions around the world. Hard copies of the printed version will be shipped free of charge to all authors whose submissions are accepted. The Il Ponte Editorial Staff reserves the right to suggest edits and corrections to submissions and reject those submissions unsuited to Il Ponte’s mission and vision.