Fall 2020

At BISLA, we are dedicated to keep as much of the education process in-class as possible, having various alternatives of hybrid and online education ready.

Our classes have been divided into small groups of students, and taught outdoors whenever weather permits.

Groups and buildings are color-coded to prevent avoidable contact in the interior among the students. Students with health risk factors join classes online and we make sure they are as included in the process as if they were physically with us.

All of the classes observe epidemiologic guidelines--students and teachers wear masks inside at all times, maintain distance, and all interior spaces are disinfected thoroughly four times a day. Classrooms are ventilated and aired out during the breaks.

Breaks are scheduled at different times to minimize indoor contact among students of different classes.

Color codes also permit us to maintain most of the in-class operations running if a case of infection should appear. The impacted group will be moved online immediately, resuming in-class education after two weeks of quarantine and all students testing negative.