Erasmus / Study Abroad at BISLA

We welcome applications for the ERASMUS student exchange program or for a semester study abroad programs.

Application procedure

If your university is an exchange partner of BISLA, you can apply for a study abroad period at the international office of your own university. Once you have been selected by your home institution, you can start your application by filling in the BISLA Student Exchange Application form.

If your school is not among the listed partner institutions, we encourage you to send us an inquiry email.

Students are asked to apply at BISLA before April 30 (for the Fall term) or November 15 (for the Summer term).

After receiving your application form and the set of required documents (digital photo, student transcript, advisor’s approval (where applicable) ), BISLA will send you an email confirmation and will start the admission procedure by evaluating your educational background and course selection.

When accepted, BISLA staff will assist you with finding accommodation near the school for the duration of the study abroad semester.

Download the COURSE CATALOGUE to see courses offered in the English language 

Feel free to email your questions to our International Studies Coordinator Lucia Beniaková:

Erasmus Policy Statement


ERASMUS exchange program is accompanied with a stipend for the duration of the exchange.

Other scholarships may be available.



Visa and temporary residence permit: consult the document Entry and stay in Slovakia – guide to administrative duties for foreigners coming to Slovakia to study, teach, or carry out research.